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Watching Formula One is Amazing Live

The thrill of Formula 1 is in its danger. The cars are lightning fast, the tracks are challenging and the drivers are insanely talented. But what makes this sport so unique is that it’s also extremely dangerous. There’s no hiding from the risks these drivers take every time they step into the cockpit to compete. In case you’re wondering why you should care about a bunch of dudes driving around in racing cars: It’s because watching F1 live is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have as a spectator at home or on the road. If you’re new to watching F1 or would simply like some pointers on how to enjoy it more, we have plenty of tips for you right here! Keep reading to discover why watching Formula One is amazing live.

Everything happens in a split second

The first thing you should know is that Formula 1 is executed at super-high speeds. The cars on the track hit max speeds of around 230 miles per hour, with cornering speeds of about 2.5 G-forces. During the race, the drivers will hit the aforementioned top speed an average of 15 times. That’s once every 3.2 miles. What this means is that every decision the drivers make and every moment they spend behind the wheel including pit stops happens in a split second. Given that the races typically last for two hours (including pit stops), this means that the drivers are constantly in a state of hyper-adrenaline. This constant state of high tension and the risk of serious injury or even death are what make F1 so exciting to watch.

The drivers are constantly on the edge

F1 drivers are, by nature, extremely competitive people. They are also very professional, especially when it comes to the risk factor. Every single driver in the sport has, at some point, been seriously injured during a race. There is no room for impulsive or careless behavior in Formula 1 because the consequences can be devastating. As we mentioned, the cars are lightning fast and have the potential to cause serious damage, both to themselves and the other racers. This is why you’ll often see the drivers on the radio warning their team members to be careful and to be mindful of the risks they’re taking.

You’ll appreciate the engineering feat that is an F1 car

Most of the time, you’ll see that the cars are a different color in every race. The teams like to play around with the colors of their cars, which is a way for them to distinguish themselves from the competition. But the colors are just a small part of the overall spectacle of Formula 1. The cars are extremely advanced and technical marvels. One of the most challenging aspects of the sport is the fact that cars have been evolving year after year. Therefore, teams are consistently trying to create more efficient and faster vehicles. Each car is a combination of over 6,000 individual parts.

Watching Fada is great because of its unpredictability

The reason why F1 is so interesting to watch is that it’s unpredictable. There are so many variables that are constantly changing, so it’s almost impossible to predict the winner. The weather can be a huge factor in this regard, as it can have a big impact on tire selection, engine performance, and even visibility. All of the top drivers are extremely talented, but they also have different driving styles. This means that you might enjoy watching a specific driver and his approach to the race more than another. This is why F1 is so appealing and why you’ll never get bored of following it.

The sounds are deafening and amazing

We’ve already mentioned that Formula 1 is a dangerous sport, but what you may not know is that it’s also extremely loud. The cars generate sounds that reach 140 decibels at the starting line. For context, a rock concert is about 120 decibels, a chainsaw is about 110 decibels, and your average alarm clock is about 80 decibels. As you can imagine, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation while the cars are racing, so there is no sound from the commentators. This is both a good and a bad thing. Bad, because you can’t hear what they have to say. Good, because you can fully immerse yourself in the deafening sounds of the track and the cars.

The truth is that the winner of a Formula One race is the person who places highest in the overall standings. That said, there is a victor in every single race. The person who crosses the finish line first is the winner of the particular event. The terms “Winning” and “Victory” are used by commentators to refer to the highest-placed driver in the standings.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it. Watching Formula One is amazing live, and we hope that this article has helped you to understand why.