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Football Fans and The Teams They Love

Whether you’re a casual observer or a die-hard fan, pro football can be an exciting way to spend your time and energy. 32 different teams compete in the National Football League (NFL) each year, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to choose your favorite team and support them as they take on other squads. Who do fans tend to root for? Do people generally pick teams based on where they live? Do fans have loyalty to certain teams because of family history or famous players that came from those franchises? Keep reading for more information about NFL fans and their favorite teams.

How Many People Are Fans of Pro Football?

The NFL has grown in popularity since its inception in 1920, and it’s now the most popular sports league in the United States. The league has seen significant growth in fan populations over the last few decades, with numbers increasing almost every year. In the 1980s, around 26 million people watched NFL games on TV each week. By the 1990s, that number had grown to nearly 50 million per week. The 2000s saw viewership rise to an average of around 75 million per week, and the 2010s saw those numbers climb to over 100 million per week. Overall, the NFL has seen a 1,600% increase in viewership since the 1980s.

How Many People Root for Each NFL Team?

Which NFL teams have the most fans and which have the least? Surprisingly, the most popular teams tend to be the ones that have been around for a very long time. The top three teams in terms of fan populations are the New York Giants, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers. The Giants, Steelers, and Packers have all been around for over 80 years and have won a combined 24 league championships. The Giants are the team with the most NFL fans, followed by the Steelers and the Packers. There are a few teams that have a high number of fans relative to their age. The Jacksonville Jaguars, the Carolina Panthers, and the Seattle Seahawks are teams that have only been around for a few decades, yet they have many fans. These teams can be credited with increasing their fan bases by making efforts to appeal to new audiences.

Where Do Fans Root for Their Favorite Teams?

Football fans are the most popular in the Midwest, South, and West regions of the United States. The states with the most NFL fans include Texas, California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Massachusetts. The most devoted fans tend to be in states that are close to franchise locations, which makes sense. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, New York is the state with the most NFL fans, and it’s also home to two different franchises (the Giants and the Jets), but there are still plenty of fans in New York who root for other teams.

Which Teams Are The Most Loyal and Have the Longest Fans?

Which teams have the longest-running fan bases? When looking at the numbers, it’s clear that the longer a team has been around, the more likely it is to have a high number of loyal fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the longest-running fan base, followed by the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears, the New York Jets, and the Green Bay Packers. Teams that have been around for a long time tend to be located in areas with large populations, which means they have had more opportunities to increase their fan bases.

Which Teams Have the Shortest Fan bases and are Least Loved?

Which teams have the least number of fans? Surprisingly, the team with the fewest fans is the one with the most recent start date. The Carolina Panthers have only been around since 1995, yet they have only one-fourth as many fans as the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Arizona Cardinals, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Houston Texans are teams that have been around for a long time, yet they have very few fans. These franchises have failed to attract large numbers of fans, likely due to a lack of success on the field. Though these franchises have struggled to win games and have had difficulty building large fan bases, that doesn’t mean that the teams don’t have any fans at all. Some passionate individuals love and support every team, even though they may be in the minority and may even feel like they are under-appreciated.


The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and each year, more and more people become interested in the sport and start following their favorite teams. Many people can trace their fandom back to their childhood, and others become interested in the league as teenagers or young adults. There are plenty of opportunities to watch games and follow your favorite teams, which can make it easy to get involved. If you’re looking for a new sport to become passionate about, the NFL is a great choice.