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The Biggest and Most Successful Music TV Shows

Music television shows are a popular genre, with many TV channels dedicated to them. There have been many music shows, from huge worldwide franchises such as X Factor all the way down to local productions in smaller markets. Some of the most successful music TV shows were about singers and their journeys to success, some were about bands that were making it big, and others were about discovering new talent. Here’s a look at some of the best-known music shows that have aired on television over the past few decades.


The biggest music show of all time is undoubtedly American Idol. This franchise began in 2002 and is the most successful TV format ever. It has been produced in more than 30 countries, and contestants from the various Idol series have sold over 100 million records. On TV, its many spin-offs have proved hugely popular and helped make their judges household names. The original Idol series was hosted by Simon Cowell and regularly drew around 30 million viewers in the US. It was a huge hit not just in its home market, but also in the UK, where it was the highest-rated TV show in both 2003 and 2004.

X Factor

The X Factor is another huge franchise, which was launched in 2004. It is the most successful music show in the UK, and regularly attracts audiences of around 10 million viewers per episode. The format sees several would-be pop stars try to impress a panel of judges that includes a music superstar. The show has had several hosts over the years, including original presenter Simon Cowell. The X Factor has launched the careers of many big-name artists, including Leona Lewis and Little Mix. The show has been adapted for numerous countries and has been very successful for many years in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and the USA.

The Voice

The Voice was first broadcast in 2011 and has become one of the most popular TV music shows in recent years. It has enjoyed huge success in many countries around the world and has been hosted by several celebrity judges over the years. The format sees contestants try to impress the judges with a recorded performance, and they are only seen while they are behind a curtain. The judges can then turn around and select the singer they want to mentor. The Voice has been successful in many different markets, including Australia, China, Germany, and the Netherlands. It has also spawned several smaller spin-off shows, including The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior.

American Idol

American Idol was one of the first truly big music shows to appear on TV, and it has been broadcast since 2002. It was one of the most popular TV programs in the US for many years, regularly attracting more than 30 million viewers per episode. The show has helped launch the careers of many big stars, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and American Idol judge Simon Cowell. It is one of the longest-running shows in TV history and is still airing new episodes. The format sees contestants audition in front of a panel of judges, who select those they want to mentor. The contestants then live in a house together and take part in various challenges. The judges then mentor the singers and help them prepare for a showdown, where the winner is decided by a public vote.

Bands, Beats, and Bloggers

The biggest music TV show ever was MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign, which was broadcast in 2004. It was a non-partisan campaign that aimed to get young people to vote in the US presidential election. The show involved many famous musicians, who appeared in segments that encouraged young people to register to vote and make their voices heard. The show was hugely successful, and MTV estimated that around 10 million new voters had registered as a result of the campaign. Rock the Vote was a hugely ambitious music television show and was designed to make a real difference in the world. It has been recognized as a highly successful campaign, and many commentators regard it as the most successful music TV show of all time.


Popstars is a music show that has been regularly broadcast in various countries since 2000. It was first produced in Germany as a local TV show and was later adapted for other markets. It is a format that sees a panel of judges select singers to form a new band, and the show has been very successful in many countries. The format has been used in many countries, and there have been many versions of the show. Examples include New Popstars, American Idol, American X Factor, and SuperGroup. Some of these shows have been very successful, and have helped launch the careers of many big-name artists.


Music television shows are very popular, and they are often accompanied by a lot of drama and controversy. This is often because the shows feature very famous people and can be watched by millions of people worldwide. They are also a great way to discover new talent, with many aspiring singers and bands getting their break thanks to these shows. There have been many different kinds of music shows over the years, and there is something for everyone.