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Sports Entertainment Television and Being a Presenter

Professional sports have been thriving over the last few years. More people are staying home to watch professional athletes play their respective games, rather than attending in person. Going to a sporting event can be an exhilarating experience, but there is often a lot of downtime waiting for the game to begin or end, not something everyone enjoys. People don’t want to spend nearly as much time getting ready as they do watch the game. In this article, we focus on how you can use your presentation skills to get a job in the sports and entertainment television industry and become a presenter.

What is Sports Entertainment Television?

Sports entertainment Television (SET) is a type of television programming that features sports and entertainment, or a combination of the two. Examples of SET include sports news and analysis shows, sports-themed variety shows, outdoor survival shows, reality shows that feature sports and entertainment personalities and sports-related talk shows. Sports entertainment television is often confused with sports programming that is primarily entertainment-oriented, such as WWE and UFC. These types of programming feature sports as part of the content but aren't considered sports entertainment television because sports aren't the main focus of the show. While sports news and analysis shows are primarily sports-related, sports entertainment television has additional entertainment-focused elements, such as guest interviews, show hosts, pre-and post-game shows and show formats inspired by entertainment-focused shows.

How to Become a Presenter in Sports and Entertainment TV

If you’ve always wanted to be a presenter on sports and entertainment television, you’re in luck! Presenting on SET is one of the best jobs in the media industry. Many people want to do your job, but there are also many opportunities to get hired. If you are new to the industry and you have no experience, it’s best to start with a low-level position (such as a production assistant) and work your way up. Many schools offer degree courses in media and broadcast journalism. If you are interested in presenting, you should study television production, media production, or broadcast journalism. If you already work in the media industry, at a radio station, for example, and you want to switch to presenting, you don’t necessarily need a degree. You can get hired based on your experience and on how well you do in an interview.

Networking for Jobs in Sports and Entertainment Television

As is true in any industry, networking is the best way to get a job in sports and entertainment television. You can network at conferences, workshops and seminars. You can also network online through social media. Whenever you meet someone in your industry, ask them if they have any advice for someone just starting. Ask them what they did when they first started and what they would do differently if they could go back in time. If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure it’s up-to-date and you’re connected with as many people as you can. If you are producing your content, such as videos or podcasts, you can use this as a networking opportunity. Offer to interview people in your industry. People will appreciate being given a platform to share their expertise with others.

Degree Courses for Presenter Jobs in Sports and Entertainment TV

You can find many degree courses that are useful for sports and entertainment television presenting. The most common include broadcast journalism and television production. If you are interested in sports entertainment TV and presenter jobs, you should consider one of these degree courses. If you have a computer science or computer engineering background, you can look into jobs as a broadcast engineer. You can also become a sports data analyst. If you have a background in marketing, digital marketing or advertising, you can look into digital production manager or social media manager positions. If you have an education background, you can look into teacher or professor positions for sports broadcasting and journalism programs. If you have a finance background, you can look into investment banking and sports finance careers. If you have a psychology or communications background, you can look into sports psychology and sports communications careers.

Video Production Courses for Presenter Jobs in Sports and Entertainment TV

If you are interested in presenter jobs in sports and entertainment television, you should look into taking a video production course. Video production involves many skills and disciplines, including lighting, graphics, sound and programming. You may also need to know how to edit videos and create motion graphics. If you have a computer programming background, you can also look into jobs as a video engineer. If you have a sports and video journalism or broadcasting background, you can look into jobs as a sports video journalist or sports video journalist. If you have a media and communications background, you can look into jobs as a video journalist or sports video journalist.


Sports entertainment television is a great field to work in. It combines the excitement of sports with the fun of entertainment. If you are interested in becoming a presenter in this field, you should consider taking a degree in broadcast journalism or television production. You can also network, do freelance work and get experience any way you can.