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How to Design the Interior of a Movie Theatre

When the lights dim and the curtains open, that moment signals the beginning of a new adventure. Whether it’s a comedy, romance, thriller, or something completely different, the sights and sounds of a movie theatre are exhilarating to experience. As an interior designer who specializes in creating spaces for customers to enjoy, you might be interested in learning more about designing the interior of a movie theatre. As with any project you take on as an interior designer, there are many factors you must consider before diving in headfirst and getting started on this new venture. These tips can help you get started on your own interior design project for a movie theatre. Learn about common elements of movie theatres, suggested research topics for your design project, what will make or break your client when it comes to their perception of your work, and much more!

Find Out Everything You Can About the Project

As with any other project you design, before you even start sketching your ideas for the theatre’s design, you need to understand the project’s goals. What are the owners hoping to achieve with this theatre? Do they have specific ideas about their desired audience? How do they want their patrons to feel when they walk through the doors? All of these questions will help inform your design decisions and are essential to understanding the project as a whole. If you don’t know how your design must support the business goals of the theatre, you will likely end up with a design that doesn’t fit the purpose of the room. If you are designing a movie theatre, you will want to make sure you know everything about the type of movies that will be playing there. This will help you decide what kind of audience the theatre will attract, which will inform your design decisions as well. From seating layouts to concession stand layouts and more, this information will help you understand what kind of movie theatre you are designing.

Create a Solid Game Plan

Once you have gathered all of the necessary information about the project and have a solid understanding of what is expected, it’s time to create a game plan for designing the interior of the movie theatre. For example, if you are designing a commercial space such as a movie theatre, you would likely create a floor plan. A floor plan is a scaled drawing of the space you are designing, showing the location of all of the architectural features and furniture in the room, often with measurements for scale. You can create a floor plan by hand or with computer software. Other common design documents you may want to create include a site plan, architectural rendering, and a materials list.

Select the Right Furniture for Your Movie Theatre Interior

Now that you know the design of the theatre and what the audience will expect, you can start to select furniture and furnishings for the room. Depending on the type of movies playing at the theatre, this may include things such as a concession stand with self-serve ordering stations so patrons can order their food without having to wait in line. Other things to consider for your design include ticket booths, bathrooms, and, of course, seating. Depending on the layout of the theatre, you can choose from stadium seating, regular seating, or a combination of both. When selecting furniture for the theatre, it’s important to consider the type of finish you will use for each item. Will your furniture have fabric or leather upholstery? Will it be made from wood, metal, or another material? What color will it be? These are critical decisions that will impact the overall design and look of the theatre.

Add Colour and Texture with Soft Goods

Once you have selected the furniture and architectural finishes for the movie theatre, you will want to add color and texture with soft goods, such as wall coverings, decorative pillows, and more. Wall coverings are a great way to add color and texture to any space, especially a movie theatre. Depending on the architectural style of the theatre, there are many options for wall coverings, including fabric wallpapers, fabric-backed wallpapers, and vinyl wall coverings. When selecting wall coverings for a movie theatre, it’s important to remember that the lights will be turned off at some point during the day, so you will need to choose a material that is light-reactive.


Designing the interior of a movie theatre is an exciting project for any interior designer. The ability to bring a space to life and create an experience for patrons is incredibly rewarding. Before you get started on your own design project for a movie theatre, it’s important to gather all the information you can about the project and create a solid game plan to follow. Once you have a solid game plan in place, it’s time to decide on the type of movie theatre you will be designing. Once you know what type of movie theatre you are designing, it’s time to select the right furniture for the interior and add color and texture with soft goods such as wall coverings and decorative pillows.